4 days in Goa on a Budget of 8000 rupees

The Journey – 

In the Driver's Cabin on the Highway

In the Driver’s Cabin on the Highway

It wasn’t a regular bus ride. Yes, the night was spent sleeping as planned but the morning had surprises of its own. As much as I would have loved to click the hills and mountains, an old phone with a useless camera traveled with me. Bus sickness sent me to the driver’s cabin. I had only come there to inform that the AC wasn’t functioning. However, when the cool breeze of the mountains touches your face, the AC isn’t what you are looking for. “Mind if I sit here?” I ask the driver and the 3 men in the cabin. “Yes Ma’am, most welcome!” they told me. I sat there and made them as comfortable as possible. Excited that my trip had begun on an adventurous note, I sent a selfie to my then best friend.

Riding in the Driver’s Cabin.

I passed by the mountains and the trees,

Luxuriously surpassing the AC breeze,

The driver’s cabin was a welcome relief,

I thought to myself in disbelief!

The road bumps, their navigation skills as well as their speed transport you to the ‘fast and the furious’ universe; albeit on Indian roads and of course, no safety gears, no fancy cars and no seat belt. If there’s an accident, you are dead meat.

In the AC’s comfort,

The driver’s discomfort,

Is often missed,

Devoid of the nuances,

Life’s little glances,

Entirely dissed.

Day 1 – 

Calangute Beach and Calangute Street Market 

Calangute and Me

Taking in the view at Calangute

The tiny little soul,

Collided with the vastness of the sea.

The tiny little soul,

Could barely contain its glee!

The monsoon sea was wild. The crowd, wilder. My tiny little heart – the wildest. The curly waves and the wavy curls waded through each other for the entire stretch. Looking far into the horizon, scuttling deep into the soul. I felt complete, I felt whole.

Day 2 

Vagator Beach and Chapora Fort 

Vagator Beach at the Base of Chapora Fort

Vagator Beach at the Base of Chapora Fort

The Dil Chahta Hai craze brought me to Chapora Fort. Curiosity made me cross the tiny hole in the wall. A walk down the mountainous path welcomed me on the other side. Deep down, far below, the sea flirted with the foothill.

Not a soul in sight,

My heart giggled like a baby,

The place felt right,

It cradled me like a lady!

Rarely does anyone cross the small hole in the wall and walk all the way down to Vagator Beach. I for one, didn’t find a single human being there. Yet, my heart danced with joy!

Note – Yes, there’s a roadway to Vagator Beach. That’s where the crowd gathers. That’s the way everyone else uses.

Day 3 

Candolim Beach 

Beaches I’ve known before, I am a Mumbaikar after all! But Candolim was something else altogether! It’s secludedness had an aura, a sense so deep and intense…. that you lost time in its tides!

I couldn’t have expressed better the experience at Candolim Beach than in the words above. One of the cleanest and emptiest beach I have been to! It is something you should experience for yourself and write your own poem about!

Candolim Beach

Clubbing at LPK 

After the lovely lone hours at the base of Chapora Fort, the tourist filled Baga Beach totally put me off. Earlier on in my hotel room, a random guy I met on Tinder had asked me to come to LPK with him because he wanted to save on the stag. On my way to the hotel room from Baga beach, I met another guy who asked me to join him at the bar right away. Quite chaotic and quite confusing the situation was, I decided to let the tinder guy (who shall henceforth be called P) know that I’d like to meet him first. We met in a coffee shop and I was quite unsure so I said I’d let him know in a while and we exchanged numbers. And I went, and boy! it was the best way to unwittingly celebrate Independence Day!


Day 4 

Divar  Island

 In my small life of 27 years, I haven’t been to a town lonelier than Divar Island.

A random road in Divar

A random road in Divar

It is a pretty, quaint town with countless Portugal houses, a football field, churches, a main market area, a school and a Panchayat office. The Panchayat office is a beautiful blue building. As soon as I entered this island only accessible through the ferry, my fellow travelers seemed to be locals who simply hopped onto their scooters and sped off leaving me stranded. I am sure they assumed me to be a local too. I quickly asked one of them how to get to ‘whatever name came to my head’ (think I asked for a church!) and he said I got to wait for the bus. So, I sat there in the deserted bus stop all by myself! This is when I notice a rave party of all boys going on in a corner and boy I was scared! I stayed low and the guys thankfully didn’t realize anyone was around! They were too high! However, no bus came for almost half an hour and I’d a dying battery thanks to last night’s party! When I’d almost decided to go back a local offered lift and dropped me off at the main square.Here’s where I saw the island and well, I’ll say it was way too remote even for someone like me! I was happy to get back to civilization.

Chorao Island 


Miam Lake

Miam Lake and Mangrove Forest

Few people go to Chorao Island in Goa,

Me? I belong to the fewest of the few!

Not only did I go to Chorao Island,

Even on a remote place like that one,

I marched to the remotest ever spot!

Miam Lake in Chorao Island is an amazing place! The whole island is wow!

How to go from Mumbai?
By Bus – approx 3000 INR (return fare included)
Getting around – Rent a scooty if you have a license; Taxi can notch up your budget a bit.
To Chorao and Divar Islands – Via Ribandar Ferry Point (Ferry is free)
To Stay –
Backpacker Panda Hostel – 500 INR per night
Hostels such as Roadhouse Inn with similar charges may be available
Local Cuisines – Sorpotel, Goan sausages, Bibinca



The Queen’s Tomb at Bankot Fort

The awesome Konkani lunch was followed by a trek at Bankot Fort where only a part of the group went. Me and a friend (yup, same ulti khopri) not only trekked the whole length of Bankot fort but also went to see the tomb of a queen down in the ruins. It was beautiful!

The Queen's Tomb at Bankhot Fort

The Queen’s Tomb at Bankhot Fort


If you haven’t already guessed, let me tell you loud and clear, I’m not into normal shit. No, you’ll know, that I don’t just do the abnormal, I do the unthinkable. Like, who the fuck wants to use the front door entrance to the beach? We use the rear end of the temple. If that’s not enough, you guessed it right, it was me and the ulti khopri (ulti khopri is a Hindi slang, can be translated into nut case) who, wait for it! Took the left instead of the right at Harihareshwar Beach right after accessing it from the wrong end!

Stairway to Harihareshwar Beach

Stairway to Harihareshwar Beach

What did we find? Like most travellers do, solace! Yeah, other than the sea waves hitting the cliffs, we found the profanity of the universe.

What did we not find? Noise, tourists and the other dirt that the universe has to offer…..

Clear view of the Cliffs

Clear view of the Cliffs

The bonfire

Murud JanJira was an event in itself! We moved towards the dormitory where we were put up. Out here, we were served the traditional fish of the village which was scrumptious. After dinner, we lit a bonfire at the beach and had a jolly good time playing antakshri among other things. We had to leave the spot because cops (always the spoil sport) asked us to move away. All in all, it was a fun campfire.

The Bonfire

The Bonfire

Murud Janjira Fort

We were off to Murud Zanzira Fort, a fort I’d been wanting to see since a very long time. Yes, this time, I was in the bus! The fort is only accessible via sail boats and one can only get there through the mighty waters of the sea!

Hopping off the ferry near Murud Janjira Fort

Hopping off the sail boat near Murud Janjira Fort


The Pathway to Murud Janjira

The Pathway to Murud Janjira

It was built so, from the point of view of protection.

Murud Janjira Fort

Murud Janjira Fort

Back in the day, the fort was indeed a town in itself!

Inside View of the Fort

Inside View of the Fort

Accidentally Adventurous Commute to Mandwa Jetty!

Adventure has a soul of its own. Mine put me onto a jetty to Alibaug. So, long story short, I was supposed to travel with a group called ‘Ramblers India’ but I overslept and missed their bus! Yep, I’d missed the damn bus! ‘Shower thoughts’ were my father saviour! Meaning, I remembered the Jetty from Gateway of India to Alibaug whilst showering (by this time I’d forgone the thought of making it and was only whining!)  I only missed a very small part of the trip! I caught up with the rest of them at Kashid Beach (Lunch time already!)


On the way to Mandwa Jetty


P.S – Any time you want to travel to Alibaug, I’d recommend the ferry over any other means of transport.