A Trip to Raigad Beaches with Ramblers India

How it all happened?

This was going to be another long weekend spent sitting at home because I was on period. Well, the period left me in peace in the evening. Maddy, the organiser of Ramblers India sent a text saying there was a spot for the next day’s trip. Of course, I was taking him up on it! However, it was a very last moment decision and I needed to finish my work before I went. So, I thought I’ll stay up the night, finish off and sleep in the bus. So, I finish up at 4 am and decide to watch a movie for an hour and then get dressed and leave! Well, I fell asleep and am woken up by incessant phone calls as the bus is about to leave. Damn!

Of course, I’d to give it up but I ain no quitter. I discuss the options of catching the bus from a different spot with Maddy but everything is out of my reach. I go to take a shower coz that’s what you do when you’re beat! That is also where you get the best of thoughts! The bus was going to first reach Kashid Beach and I could get there from Mandwa. I get out of the bathroom in a jiffy and call Maddy again. He’s excited and so am I!

Lo and Behold! The Race Begins! Lol


On the way to Kashid Beach

P.S – If you’re wondering where I work, eh, I’ve my own firm!

Day 1

Murud Zanzira –

It is an awesome fort with some history to it. Honestly, I was mesmerised by the sailing and the view from the fort and the fish pond in the midst of it. I really don’t remember the history. The ride to the fort and then back to main land is awesome because of the sail boats. And if you ask me, I’d keep going just for the sail in those weird old-styled boats! If you haven’t already made out, I’m not into forts!

Sailboat to Murud Janjira Fort

Sailboat to Murud Janjira Fort

P.S – You can definitely find the history on Google!

Divegar Beach

We have a wonderful lunch and then are taken to Divegar Beach wherein we’re all sitting around a bonfire. The dudes along with Maddy do something with the wood and magnesium to light up an awesome fire. We sit around it and have a warm fuzzy time. New friends are made, antakshari is played. Some of us flirted around discreetly. The party as always was spoilt by the police officers on patrol. The idiot fella yelled at us and asked us to leave on the grounds that “We could get murdered!” Meh! Isn’t it his job to see to it that we don’t!

The Bonfire

The Bonfire

Day 2

The day started with an early morning Holi session at Divegar Beach. We let lanterns into the sky, played football, indulged into water sports, flew kites and took a dip into the see. Of course, we didn’t forget to drink our favourite ‘chai.’


Later in the day, we visited a very large number of beaches, played a lot of football and got a real taste of the local households. However, I don’t remember all the details, I’ll share the memories that have stayed!

Football at Sri-Vardhan and Aaravi Beaches! 

Yep, that is literally all I chose to do at these two beaches! Kick some ball! I’d a good time! However, there’s other stuff you can do here such as building a sand castle, playing cricket etc. that you can do here.

Football at the beach!

Football at the beach!

The Cliffs of Harihareshwar

The first stop was Harihareshwar. I think we stopped briefly at Aaravi and Sri Vardhan before getting here. We climbed down a staircase at the backend of the temple and then, there was a pathway towards the right where one had to cross and go to get to the main beach. By this time, I’d met someone as crazy as myself and we didn’t take the right, we took the left! The cliffs were awesome! Shit couldn’t get any better! We’d both love to go up to the end of the cliffline but the group was now looking for us. So, we got back and took a right with them. All of us got a glimpse of some dolphins.

The waves hitting the lonely cliffs

The cliffs on the other side!

Trek at Bankot Fort – A visit to the English Queen’s Tomb

Well, I’m glad I met the other crazy or I’d never know about this queen’s tomb! So, we climbed the fort on a normal trek but there wasn’t much to see. Just a few cannons, doors and windows. The friend led the way to the tomb after we’d climbed the top. We went down a certain door/window and climbed a little more down the hill to find a gated tomb. We went in and wow. Some bright light seemed to be shining upon this tomb! (Ok! I’m being poetic; it was probably just sunny, haha). So, there was some story behind this queen. She seemed to be an English navy officer’s wife. You can read the detailed story in the pictures. The tomb dates back to the 1800s.

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Velas Beach

After the trek, we boarded the bus to velas. While we were here to see the turtle hatchlings, that unfortunately didn’t happen. However, I was glad to be there. I sat and watched the sunset in the wet black sand and I was more than happy to do that. Of course, I wetted my feet on the shore!

In Velas at serenity

In Velas at serenity

P.S – We went to far more places that I mentioned here; however, these were my best experiences!

Also, the dormitory where we stayed was extremely pretty, served really good food and was comfortable and nice. Transport was by private bus.

If I remember correctly, I was charged 2200 for this amazing trip!


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