Accidentally Adventurous Commute to Mandwa Jetty!

Adventure has a soul of its own. Mine put me onto a jetty to Alibaug. So, long story short, I was supposed to travel with a group called ‘Ramblers India’ but I overslept and missed their bus! Yep, I’d missed the damn bus! ‘Shower thoughts’ were my father saviour! Meaning, I remembered the Jetty from Gateway of India to Alibaug whilst showering (by this time I’d forgone the thought of making it and was only whining!)  I only missed a very small part of the trip! I caught up with the rest of them at Kashid Beach (Lunch time already!)


On the way to Mandwa Jetty


P.S – Any time you want to travel to Alibaug, I’d recommend the ferry over any other means of transport.

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